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June 2nd, 2013, 08:37 PM
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most of you know I started a small stash of baby things to use as gifts and for our future while I was working. My main goal had been to have a bunch of stuff for SIL.

Well now that I know SIL is having boy... I find I don't want to part with a lot of things that I purchased assuming her baby would be a boy. Namely baby PJ's. I am a very liberal person, and will dress a baby girl in just about anything as long as it doesn't say the kid is a boy (I'm pretty liberal in the other direction too... but DH draws the line on dressing baby boys in pink jammies)

I admitted to to DH.. and what does he say? "Well keep them then, we're hopefully going to need them next year, or early the year after right?"

Sometimes that man makes me so happy.

These are the Jammies I was all upset about having to give as a present:

Here's a pink jammie example:

DH said the monkeys would be fine, he'd be ok with a baby boy wearing those in a pinch.. but he drew the line at the onesie that says "little fairy in training"... can't say I blame him there..

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