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June 3rd, 2013, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by RUNNER25 View Post
Hi! I'm a lurker here too, but sometimes I comment since I have 2 boys & a girl.

Your story sounds similar to mine. With both of my boys I conceived on ovulation day. I know this because I can always feel ovulation pains & I was using OPK's.

My 3rd baby was a surprise. We weren't trying, but not being careful either. I was waiting on my 1st pp AF, and we DTD about 3 days before I ovulated. I didn't expect to get pg, because of that.

Well, I did get pg and had a baby girl!! Although not planned, I am thankful every day. If not for our "oopsie", I would have never got my girl
Ya know...I think there might be something to the first PPAF. I know four women, plus myself, who got preggo on the first cycle and we all had girls. I know it has to do with fertility being lower and thus more inclined toward a girl.

And I think the U/S tech has seen someone fall off the table before. Lol. Mine was telling me about her friend who had a girl after five boys and didnt believe her when she said girl. I made them check at least twice at each sonogram, which were plentiful because of a clotting issue I have. And when she was born I still asked
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