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June 3rd, 2013, 10:05 AM
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Well we are inching closer to ovulation. I really love this time of the month. So full of hopefulness that this could be "THE MONTH." Combine that with lots of BDing and it really makes for a great week or so. No checking for symptoms or having imaginary symptoms. No testing only to be let down. None of the negative and only the positive.

I have been faithfully using my OPK's and have a line but it is still pretty light. I think starting tomorrow I will be using them twice a day just so I don't miss the surge. I have a ton so I am not really worried about how many I use.

As it is getting close to O time, I am really trying to drink all the water I am supposed to. I am not very good at this but I am trying to make it a habit and what better time to start? Hopefully it will bring on more CM. I do wish I didn't have to run to the potty so much though.

The weekend was good for us. Got a lot of housecleaning done. Tried out some new recipes which I loved. Also spent time just relaxing and being together. A wonderful weekend at home!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me this next week!

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