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June 4th, 2013, 07:18 AM
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Oh i have a bunch!

First, I'm delaying solids til 6 months because I think it will be so much work to feed her real food more than any concern about her digestive system not being ready

Also she will often poop while watching sesame street so I will put her in front of the tv set if I want her to poop before a bath despite knowing TV is no good for he brain development.

I don't really feel that bad when she cries in her crib. I used to but know I know how much of a better mood she is when she is well rested, letting her cry a little to get her to sleep more is worth the trade off (of course husband disagrees and runs in there the minute she makes a peep!)

I cry at the stupidest stuff now - johnson & johnson commericals, signing time songs about hugs being medicine, etc.

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