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June 4th, 2013, 07:34 AM
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Okay, I thought of one. I don't use the snot sucker, it's useless. Instead, I use my pinky if I see a booger that needs to come out. Yes, I pick my baby's nose.

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I don't really feel that bad when she cries in her crib. I used to but know I know how much of a better mood she is when she is well rested, letting her cry a little to get her to sleep more is worth the trade off (of course husband disagrees and runs in there the minute she makes a peep!)
Yup, a well rested baby is a happy baby! I used to feel bad when he'd fuss before sleep, but everybody (especially him) does best when he sleeps well, and he didn't sleep well if I kept going in to do whatever every time he fussed. Now sleeping tops his favorite things to do list
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