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June 4th, 2013, 07:47 PM
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Hi ladies! My name is Jessica and I just found out I'm pregnant for my second baby. My son Avery is 3 and I had a fully medical-ized birth with him. I had an epidural, I was induced, etc. I had a SUPER easy labor but ended up having some bad effects afterwards from the epidural. So for this baby I DEFINITELY will not be having and epidural. Now, my thinking is that if I'm not having an epidural, that I should look into a birthing center since I'll be able to manage my pain so much more freely, etc. There's a birth center like 45 minutes from my house that I think I can set up a tour of. It's all just so different for me I don't even know what to think or expect or where to start.

Is there anything I should be doing this early in the pregnancy to start preparing for a natural birth? Has anyone ever had experiences with both with any advice?

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