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June 5th, 2013, 06:19 AM
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There is never a dull morning in our house, it's always something, some morning are more humourous that others though.

This week is the food drive at DD1's school, since we're moving I packed 3 Walmart bags full of cans and boxed goods to send with her instead of the usual 3 or 4 items I normally send each year. They weren't super light but not overly heavy either. So as she's carrying her back pack and these three bags to the bus stop I see her meet up with another mom and girl so I'm about to turn away from the door and stop watching. But wait! She's stopped in the middle of the road, it's a busy street at this time of day, what is she doing? Oh no, she's bending down, the other mom is coming back and going to her car. Suddenly it hits me, a bag has broke. I run to the kitchen grab a couple more plastic bags, grab my jacket and take off on a dead run.

I get to my DD and start grabbing cans off the road. DD is looking at me with a red face and like she's going to cry, the other mom is laughing and telling her it's alright. We get it all picked up and this time double bagged when DD finally takes a second to look at me and exclaims "Mom! You're in you pajamas!!"

Yep, I was. I'm just waiting to hear the neighbours talking later about the sight of me in my pjs, running (I never run for anything) with a handful of empty plastic bags, cutting across lawns to get to my DD before she either missed the bus or worse got hit by a car.

Now aren't you all glad you either don't have kids in school yet or you home school?

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