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June 5th, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Mathieu has never been a good sleeper, but one of the issues we dealt with is when he was about four months old i went on the mini-pill for 10 days and lost most of my supply. so he almost literally didn't sleep because he was starving... (terrible guilt on my part for letting it go on for probably about 2 weeks...) since then sleep has been an even bigger battle - mostly only ever slept 2 hour stretches and often even less...., but the last 2 nights in a row he only woke up 3 times!! i am so excited that maybe we are getting better and i won't have to go to bed shortly after the kids do in order to actually get some rest! he actually slept from about 7:30 til 12:30 last night which is sooooo amazing!!
maybe hubby and i can actually have our evenings together!

So i don't know why this showed up right away, but my introduction didn't... this was it:
Im Michelle, 34, DH is Chris 34 (we have the same birthday!), we have a three year old daughter Annie and an 8 month old son Mathieu. He was actually born September 24, but I was due October 3 so I always followed you guys. I have issues in pregnancy so was home at 17 weeks with him. (severe dizziness and passing out all the time ) spent most time in bed. Anyway, we have had quite the drama with him but I am always grateful it is never anything serious (I think if I listed everything that has happened with him it would looks as though I wasnt being truthful it has been that much lol). I mostly EBF, but he gets formula if Im away and there is nothing in the freezer.
I live in Canada (Manitoba) and we speak mostly French in our house. I am still on maternity leave and Annie is in daycare part-time so I get some special time with Mathieu (like today) and I get lots of extra time with her (like yesterday) for a few more months.
Anything else you want to know?
I will try to be a regular poster!!
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