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June 5th, 2013, 11:06 AM
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How are solids going? What does your little one eat? What is their favorite? Do you have a feeding schedule?

We had a rough start to solids (when I mixed the cereal with formula - which he'd never had - and vomited so much we had to go to the hospital). I went back to mixing the cereal with water, and we've had no problems since! Yay!

Elijah loves all of it. I think his favorite is sweet potatoes and squash, but he happily eats it all. Well, except for the meats. Those are nasty. I'll have to do homemade meat for him. He gags so hard (because it's nasty) that he throws it up.

Do you have a feeding schedule? How much does your baby eat? We started off slower, so I only give Elijah 1-2 meals (of solids) per day. In the morning he has cereal mixed with a half jar of fruit. For dinner he'll eat one jar of veggies or 1/2 jar of veggies with 1/2 jar fruit. I'll start adding in lunch very soon. I'm just trying to make sure my milk supply doesn't drop too much. He wakes up to drink all night long because we co-sleep.
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