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June 5th, 2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by AshleyO View Post
I have always said that I don't wan to know but I think I do now. I know that DH would (as he puts it hehe) hog tie me up and drag me to the doctors office! It's so funny how everyone in his family asks us, what do you want? DH used to be all about the "I want a boy", now at almost 6 months TTC all he replies with is " I just want a baby"

DH wants to know if we are going to have the fourth of him coming into the world lol. I don't have a choice on our 1st sons name. If it's a girl, game on!
DH's family assumes we'll use a variant of Sam for a sons name if we have one. Hate to tell em... NOT happening. There's already 3 Sams in the family (Samie, my FIL, Samantha my nieces and Samuel.. which is Woody's legal name)... they need no more!
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