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June 5th, 2013, 05:41 PM
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First question, any good brands recommended for brewers yeast? I want to make some lactation cookies/bars when this LO gets here. I've only looked so far on amazon and even the debittered stuff had bad reviews. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good brand or do you think the tablets would just be a better way to go? I haven't checked locally anywhere, I'm sure there are some sources to find it but we just moved here and still getting used to the island.

Also, what things helped you increase milk supply while BF? When I tried to nurse DD things didn't work out so well. There were several factors there that may have played a role in the failure. DH had just deployed while I was 37 weeks, stress was most likely an issue. I had trouble getting her to latch and she was a lazy eater. (had to strip her down to diaper and rub her body to keep her awake.) In the hospital I was EBF and a day after she was born she was slightly jaundiced and hadn't had a wet diaper in several hours. (though the thing that they gave me in the hospital said x amount of wet diapers per day as how old they are.) So, they did kind of make it seem like supplementing was the only option. (I know better know.) I pumped in the hospital and I pumped at home. I pumped for about 3-4 weeks after she was born and I would get literally drops to come out. I nursed her what I think was every hour but she still appeared to be hungry, so I would supplement a small amount. Then I gave up at one month because it was too stressful and I was alone with no help.
I tried drinking tons of mother's milk tea, ate plenty, drank tons of water, got help for latching and different holds. I really want to BF at least a year this time around. Any suggestions or tips for increasing supply if that happens this time around? TIA ladies

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