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June 5th, 2013, 07:46 PM
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19 weeks 4 days
I had a melt down, a lot has been going on, I found out your big sister has to have glasses two weeks ago, ordered them the same day and still have not heard back as to when we can go pick them up, they said it would be two weeks, and it has been and I'm on edge.
Then I've been thinking about the ultrasound a LOT, and it was really stressing me out. I trust everything is fine with you, don't have to see pictures of you RIGHT NOW.. I feel totally calm about you, however my midwife wants to know where your placenta is, and if it is over my scar from your sister's birth... if it is she wont keep me as a client... if it is not I can have her as my midwife. I want to have her as my midwife but what is more important is that I know as soon as possible that I can or can not have her, because if I can't I have to find someone willing to give me a good chance at a VBAC.
I also have this tiny nudging in my head that I had with my pregnancies with both of your siblings (oddly not at all with Jaemi, who is now in heaven), and I want to confirm that you are indeed one baby, or find out if there are two of you in my womb. Both of these things weigh on my mind constantly and I can't get them off... even though neither of them feel like they should be that heavy on me.
I cried today, then I put on my big girl smile and called my midwife and told her about my anxiety about being supported in my birth, and she immediately called her PA and got them to submit the order for my ultrasound. I'm so glad I called her.
Your sister had an allergist appointment today to confirm that the last six months of cutting milk out of our diets has indeed helped to ease her eczema. I was sure that is what they would tell me, but just wanted confirmation of it.
They did not tell me that. However on the way to that appointment I got a phone call to schedule the ultrasound! It is TOMORROW!!!! I'm so excited. I'll be perfectly happy if there is one of you, and stunned and happy if there are two... not sure how I will react if your placenta isn't in the right place, but I'll get through that too. I'm mostly just releived that it is finally happening! And just before my next appointment with the midwife!
And just to complete the above mentioned story about your sister's appointment, here are the results.
No Milk alergy at all, though she clearly has something causing some of her symptoms it is not likely that it is causing her eczema (though not entirely ruled out as far as I'm concerned) however she has a severe peanut allergy, so in one month she has gotten both glasses and an epi-pen.
I'll write more tomorrow after my appointment.
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