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June 5th, 2013, 07:49 PM
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First: I got Brewers yeast at GNC, if you have one (or online). It was Now brand, reduced bitterness. I wanted powder form so I could bake with it. I would recommend starting with a little bit and working up to more--I had some stomach upset at first. But it was the supplement that helped me the most. I only ever used it in the lactation cookies though, so it may have been the brewers yeast/oatmeal/flaxseed combo. I didn't love the flavor, but it wasn't bad.

Second: stress can really do a number on supply. Reducing stress can go a LONG way toward helping supply. Other thoughts:

Drink enough water, get enough sleep and enough calories.

Nurse as much as possible. The only indicators of baby not getting enough are number of wet/dirty diapers and weight gain. Too often doctors recommend supplementing too early, IMO. There are studies out there showing that breast fed babies will have higher bilirubin than formula fed babies, but that in most cases it will resolve without any intervention other than BF on demand and exposure to sunlight. Also, you can't go by baby's fussiness or how often they want to nurse, lack of fullness/letdown sensation, or amount pumped to tell if baby is getting enough. Truly the only indicators are weight gain (at their own can take BF babies 2-3 weeks to regain to birth weight), and wet/dirty diapers. Sorry for the "rant" likely know that stuff. It just seems like pediatricians often don't.

Other than frequent nursing, water, nutrition, rest, stress reduction, etc, something that has really helped me is learning how to hand express really well. I can post a link to a good explanation later, but that really helps me. I actually get a better letdown from that than from the pump, and it's more comfortable for me (though I do still pump, too). I always hand express after pumping, and can get 0.5-1 extra ounce beyond what I pump.

Have you watched Jack Newman's videos on latching? I highly recommend them, and his website--lots of great info. Also if you haven't been there yet.

And there are lists of food/supplements you can find by googling...oatmeal and brewers yeast helped me most, and fenugreek was so so for me.

Any other specific questions, ask away, and good luck!

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