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June 5th, 2013, 10:31 PM
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This week's lovely MOTW is Allie_SMg!

Here is some information about Allie!

Name: Allie (short for Alexandra)
Age: 23 but will be 24 in September
Location: Northern California
Due Date: August 15th or 17th (I've been told different dates lol)
Boy? Girl? Team Green?: Boy! His name will be Kieran Todd

Now it's your turn! Ask Allie anything! You can even ask her to share pictures, if she's able to!

This is posted a bit late because Allie forgot to reply to the message to get it started, which is okay! I would move it to next week but I already sent out the PM's for next week's mamas. It's okay though, you can ask her questions past tomorrow still, it doesn't need to end on a specific date. Most of us have been running out of questions before using the whole week anyway. She hasn't been around much lately and she's been missed so let's get her posting again

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