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June 5th, 2013, 10:52 PM
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hi all

i think i might be going crazy but here is my situation; i had unprotected sex on the 24/5, 25/5, 26/5, 31/5, 1/6, i have an average cycle of 38 days (irregular periods) and according to my calculations i ovulated on the 1/6. my period is due around the 14/6 is it possible i could be pregnant and when can i test?

i feel like im getting symptoms but im not sure if its all in my head, symptoms are:
- sore/tender breasts/nipples to touch
- nausea, dont feel like im going to throw up, just feel uneasy in the tummy, comes and goes
- stomach feels bloated and heavy
- cramping, comes and goes
- fatigue, no energy to do anything!

took a test yesterday but got a BFN, i wasn't expecting anything else as it's way to early.

also, my partner is a twin and on my side, my mums uncle was a fraternal twin, what are our chances of having twins?

i'm open to any/all advice and would love to hear from people who have experienced or are experiencing something similar

baby dust to all xxx
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