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June 6th, 2013, 07:22 AM
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Originally Posted by kary4 View Post
You'll feel relief within 24 hrs if you get started on the treatment for thrush. Good luck, I feel your pain!
That's good to know. You saying that actually reminded me that back when I had mastitis I also had some nipple pain on my left side for which I was prescribed a cream to be used 2-3 times once a day. At the time, I just used the cream as directed (they told me to make sure to clean it off before breastfeeding), and I didn't do any extra research on it and didn't know what it was, since it's in Japanese and I didn't bother trying to translate the writing on the tube. It did seem to work very quickly. Anyway, I still have the tube and decided to check it's something called Terra Kotoriru and is an anti-inflammatory steroid cream used to treat bacterial infections...which sounds like thrush to me? So I guess I may have had thrush before and didn't even know! There's still plenty of the cream left in the tube and I'm tempted to use it, but I suppose I should wait and actually talk to the doctor tomorrow first. Also, they never gave me anything to treat Kaeldra, but I haven't noticed any white patches in her mouth.

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