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June 6th, 2013, 07:34 AM
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so i remember being nervous about cheerios with my daughter and a friend told me they just naturally know to gum it. and it's true. put a cheerio in your mouth, it melts! but i find theactual cheerios are better than the "baby" nutrios they don't melt as easily (but have less salt)..
i just put a bunch in front of him (either on the floor or in high chair) and he puts them in his own mouth. when we first started 95% or more ended up on the floor but now he is really good at getting them in his mouth. i never put them in his mouth for him. he also eats those stars (puffs i think) on his own and i break toast into little pieces the size of cheerios. again i never put in his mouth for him. (other than purees of course, lol) he has never choked or gagged from it.
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