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June 6th, 2013, 08:02 AM
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Our crazy first 8 months have gone like this: so I was induced (because of my condition it was becoming unsafe for both of us, I held on longer than they said I had to because I wanted him to bake as long as possible) and my labour was 6.5 hours long, contractions started at 2 mins apart – never even got oxytocin, just got the ripening gel. He came out crying and cried non-stop for 2 months. Then slowly he stopped crying more and more (and now is quite the happy boy!) he really never had a bald spot because he was almost never on his back for the first 2 months.
I had too much milk and the poor little guy was feeding ALL the time because he wasn’t getting hind milk. He was soooo gassy so I had to block feed and thankfully had a baby carrier because he was always in it. I had set a deadline if nursing wasn’t better we weren’t continuing but it did get better. We ran water and the vacuum to help soothe him, it was hard. the first few months were really really hard.

Then we got thrush…..

then he reacted to the medication – gentian violet – he got big sores on his mouth so he wouldn’t eat. Luckily I was suspicious something was going on with his tongue so stopped the medication (when they are all purple you can’t really see anything).

Then I went on the mini-pill – which is not supposed to affect milk supply – but it did… I took it for 10 days and realized something was happening, made lactation cookies and thought it was better but it wasn’t. at the doctor a while later realized his weight curve had dropped significantly and he was starving…. Soooo much guilt for not following through when I originally knew something had happened. So I worked hard to get my supply back, on meds and pumping and using the SNS and giving formula, he picked up real quick! During this 2 or 3 weeks he literally didn’t sleep, he would sleep 25 or 35 mins - of course he didn’t sleep, he was starving…..

We then had a leg issue – we were trying to measure him against the wall and my husband and I both had a hand on him, but were not holding him enough…. And he was in a cast for a week. In the end we won’t know if it was fractured because when we got to the specialist he said he would not put a cast on a four month old even if it was broken, just to not put him standing or do things that hurt him.

Croup followed, which was scary I was on the phone with a nurse and she was listening to him breathe and told me to get to emergency and if he stopped breathing or turn blue before to call 911… soo scary, but just by going outside to the car, he improved.

The latest was crazy diarrhea for almost 4 days… and he has had 3 colds already. –

He has never been a good sleeper, but I know that goes with normal baby territory. Pretty sure I am missing a few other things, but I’ve probably blocked them out , lol!
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