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June 6th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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So my 3 year old son is really convinced that he has a baby in his belly. He understands that I do, he can see when he kicks me and has seen pictures. It started when I first found out I was pregnant, he started saying there was a baby in his tummy also. When I got my first ultrasound pictures, he picked one out and said it was his baby! The other day he was crying because he thought "the baby" in his tummy ate all of his goldfish and he was mad... Now he comes up to me and grabs my hand and puts it on his belly. He pokes out his tummy and raises his eyebrows and says "the baby kicked you"! LOL it is pretty cute but I don't really want him thinking we are both leaving the hospital with babies! I tried to explain that the baby is only in my tummy but I think he is enjoying the extra attention. I just hope he is playing around and doesn't really think its a baby... Anyone else have kids that think or have thought this?
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