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June 6th, 2013, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by 4 boys View Post
I have a vent. I have some kind of nasty infection down there. Thought it was yeast but it doesn't seem to be improving after 5 days of monistat. Went to walk-in today and doc thinks it's bladder infection but I have been mis-diagnosed as having bladder infections many times in my life, so I refuse to take antibiotics until the culture comes back. She also did a swab to send for another culture in case it's a different type of vaginal infection.

So I am undiagnosed, in burning pain, with no treatment options, except perhaps finishing the monistat, until after the weekend. Booo!

Ouchy!! That's gotta be painful! I hope they find out what's wrong for you! Is there anything you can try for the burn? Maybe some aloe? What about that Dermoplast spray for numbing like they gave me at the hospital for postpartum care?

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