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June 6th, 2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Summerdays12 View Post
Jinnah I've done a cereal similar to Cheerios. I bought organic Os and put about 10 or so in a tiny bowl and let them get soggy in breast milk. Sounds kinda gross but Jonah loved it.
I'm going to try it! I have new pump, so I'm able to pump BM. Yay!

Originally Posted by yashobo View Post
We do solids 3 times a day just because Luyando does not love her breastmilk from the bottle and I go work. She likes her solids; I think her best is sweet potatoes, carrot, and two other veggies mixed together. She has that for lunch; for breakfast she eats cereal with apple sauce and in the evening we she eats spinach, peas, and apple mixed together.
What a good appetite!!

Originally Posted by Mich05 View Post
so i remember being nervous about cheerios with my daughter and a friend told me they just naturally know to gum it. and it's true. put a cheerio in your mouth, it melts! but i find theactual cheerios are better than the "baby" nutrios they don't melt as easily (but have less salt)..
i just put a bunch in front of him (either on the floor or in high chair) and he puts them in his own mouth. when we first started 95% or more ended up on the floor but now he is really good at getting them in his mouth. i never put them in his mouth for him. he also eats those stars (puffs i think) on his own and i break toast into little pieces the size of cheerios. again i never put in his mouth for him. (other than purees of course, lol) he has never choked or gagged from it.
That's great that he's eating on his own so well.
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