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June 6th, 2013, 06:19 PM
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To recap: we have tried feeding purées for a couple of weeks now but she's really not into them at all... She will eat a spoonful or two but makes a bad face every time.
Tonight, I was eating a bowl of mashed sweet potatoes with coconut oil (SO yummy!! ) and sitting with her while she was playing in her exersaucer and she was very interested in my bowl! Bryan said I should let her try some. She has had sweet potatoes puréed before but I stream and purée hers very fine. My mashed ones were pretty chunky. Lol.
So I have her a tiny, pea sized amount on my spoon and she actually ate and liked it!! No bad face! The chunky texture didn't seem to bother her and she was actually making chewing motions with her mouth!!
Should I try to give her more coarse purées? I just can't believe she did better with the chunky stuff than the thin, runny purées (I always added pumped milk). She gagged more on those than the stuff today. Lol.

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