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June 6th, 2013, 10:59 PM
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It seems to me like the issue is not so much with the name as with the overall gender disappointment. The no-name issue is just a symptom of the larger issue. By saying "I can't do this," "he's not going to have a name," etc., it's kind of like you're trying to stay detached from the baby, kwim? I totally get it, btw. I'm also four months pregnant and haven't yet found out the gender, but I'm pretty convinced that I'm having a third boy, and if so I'm not enthusiastic about any of the available name choices. But at some point you just have to plow forward and make a decision.

My suggestion would be to put aside the name issue for a while and focus on bonding with your baby in other ways. I know baby boy clothes aren't nearly as cute as girl clothes, but there are still some very adorable things out there. Maybe go on Etsy or something and buy the most ridiculously adorable boy outfits you can find. Treat yourself (and your baby) to something really fun and indulgent, and try to envision how exciting it will be when he actually gets here. (And how much fun it will be for your two girls to have a baby brother!) The name will come in time, but you don't need to stress out focusing on it right now.

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