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June 7th, 2013, 10:43 AM
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Sounds just like my 1 week old. Last night he spent most of the night in his crib in between feedings. But that's the first night, rest of the nights were me and DH holding him. Sounds to me he's mixed his days and nights up. What I did is I put him in his crib wide awake in the day and played with him and walk out for a min or 2, then came back in and talked/played with him and did this for an hour a couple times a day to get him to feel safe in his crib and assure him I'm nearby.. Then at night I put him in his crib and didn't talk to him or play with him. I soothed him to sleepiness then walked out and of course he would fuss 10-20 minutes after I left, but I just soothed him by rubbing his back and head and repeated this till he was asleep for good. This took repeated trips to the nursery by me so lots of patience. I also swaddle him with one of those swaddling blanket but at night only. If he wakes up really fussing then I hold him for the rest of the night since he obviously needs contact with me which is completely normal at their young age. We shall see what happens tonight. I love snuggling my son, so don't get me wrong but I am so paranoid about smothering him I get no sleep if he's in bed with me and DH. Also, during the day I keep the blinds open and the door wide open and at night the room is dark aside from a nightlight and door closed to mute my 3 year old running down the hall. This helped him get his nights and days straight. It takes time and I'm sure I haven't spent my last night awake in the rocker with him, but its a start.

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