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June 8th, 2013, 05:52 PM
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Hmmm. I know you said youve tried everything so please forgive me if you are hearing the same advice over and over again. When she wakes up, does she just talk to herself, or is she crying? Do you try to ignore her? I know when she is crying, at least for me, I can't ignore it. But in that case I'd put her near you and keep the lights off and just go back to bed, but as long as she can see that you're near. That may help.

My first was like that, but when I got pregnant with my 2nd I was too tired to care and I begun letting him sleep in my bed, and that worked. Except now he is 4 and still in my bed, but I don't mind much. I just carry him back to his bed at night. For some reason first borns are tough sleepers for a lot of people I know lol. Every baby is different. My 2nd has been STTN since he was like 6 weeks old, and he was breastfed.

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