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June 9th, 2013, 08:38 AM
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We went down to TN last week to see my grandmother who had a heart attack. Got back Friday night and have barely had a chance to breathe!! Had 2 Pampered Chef shows yesterday, plus a host stopped by to pick up her host packet for her show next Friday and had to drop off 2 orders yesterday.

Today is baking for the sale tomorrow and I am not sure what all else.

Trip was good. We camped at the Tennessee river and it was only $36 for 3 nights and we cooked all our meals at the campsite to save $. Took 2 tanks of gas to go down and back home, and while we were down there we used a half a tank in running around. Fished, saw my Grandma 3 times, got lots of pictures.

We won't talk about how it poured rain Wednesday night and the tent got so saturated it no longer stopped the water from leaking in....

Other than that, good trip. Glad to be home though.

But, we did find a home there we like on 12 acres and I think DH has pretty much decided that even if we can't get THAT home, we're def moving back down to TN.

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