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June 9th, 2013, 07:39 PM
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First...sorry for taking so long. My life has been nothing but a whirlwind since the moment the boys came into this world.

So things haven't quite gone as planned. First I went into the hospital for the planned induction on the 4th. I was already contacting every 3 to 5 minutes but not in active labor. So Pitocin ran all night. At 9am.. still 1cm, contracting every 2 to 4. Ugh so my OB wanted to put in a folley balloon to get things moving past 4 cm. She came back at noon. I was at 4 and she broke my water. came back at 6pm. Still at 4. Made no progress. I break down and get the epi. That was HORRIBLE. Worse than the contractions.

The epi majorly failed. I was barely numb on one leg only. My hip was hurting me so bad it was throbbing I was in severe pain. The tried to fix it a few times and it didn't work. So they wanted to re-do it. I was not up for this so my ob comes back and asks what I want and I said not an epi again. So I chose a c-sec

I was so upset I felt I was failing them but honestly the epi was causing me such horrible pain that I chose a spinal and c-sec. I'm still devastated by this but the pain I was in was unbearable. The hip pain was the worst and the idea of getting the epi again only to have it potentially fail again and then have to have a spinal and c-sec anyway. I couldn't do it.

The c-sec itself wasn't that bad. I was crying uncontrollably during all of it. Mostly out of feeling like I failed at the delivery part.

Babies were born at 8:06 and 8:07pm on June 5th Nolan was 6lb 8oz and Corbon was 6lb 13oz. I lost a lot of blood. My ob came in and wanted to transfuse me if my levels didn't stabilize but they did so she said it was up to me. I didn't know what was going on really and the nurses felt like I was doing ok so I didn't at first. Friday night I was still feeling pretty bad as in I was tired, weak, my mind was foggy and I just decided to get it. I felt SO SO SO much better. Within minutes. For the first time since the babies were born I felt like I was actually able to take care of them. Before then it was so bad. My poor DH was doing everything he could but he couldn't keep up with taking care of the babies and me. It was bad.

It really impacted life with the babies. I was having a hard time nursing. They both had latch issues. Corbin is still struggling. He has lost a lot of weight. We're having a rough time. He cries and cries all the time but I can't comfort him at all. When I hold him he screams to nurse but we try and he screams more. It is really bad. I think he may have reflux or something because he screams like he is pain. He does need to be burped A LOT more than Nolan. I think things are slowly getting better. Corbin nursed for 30 minutes tonight and then slept two hours right after. That has only happened one other time.

We have to go back to the hospital tomorrow for labs because their levels were high and they are very concerned since they both keep dropping weight. I hope things are all ok. It kills me that I can't help Corbin. I hate to hear him cry and know that I can't give him what he wants. I want so badly to just make him all better.

As for the c-sec. I'm doing ok. Just REALLY REALLY sore. My belly is still huge I can't wait for that to go down and hopefully feel normal.

Like I said just a whirlwind. I'll post pictures soon.


Nolan is on the left, Corbin on right


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