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June 9th, 2013, 10:07 PM
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M21+ results came back WONDERFUL with no chromosomal issues but there was the gender disappointment as the results (and the NT nub scan that day at 12+ weeks) showed "no Y chromosome present" so another girl!

It's been a week since we found out and I'm still a bit deflated. I am sure I'll get over it, but I just wanted another boy. This baby is precious and she's going to be spunky, I know and I love her more than anything, but there's still that internal desire for that boy.


DH started in on names already. Karstyn. SERIOUSLY? Kerstin. Forget it. NO. and I'm sure he'll bring up Keirsten again.

I told him No. No. NO. and I am not going to talk about it now.

I still like the idea of Kemper, Kemper Grace, but he's not sold (in face he's not going to be an easy sell AT ALL and I doubt it will happen). He says it's all boy. I have to find famous girls named Kemper.

I also like Kestyn. Kestyn Faith. I am pretty comfortable noting it's from the Kesta/Kester (Scottish) meaning Bearer of Christ. It's pretty freaking close to Kristen. How could he say no to that?

But seriously, I'm not even going to allow conversations about names to be had at least until viability (just because it makes me so ) Those are my 2 options right now. If he doesn't like one, he'll have to like the other.

My ONLY issue with Kestyn is it may sound too similar in a roudabout way to Kellen and Kes may be too close to Kenz, if friends (not US) shorten their names.

But, good news, baby's healthy!

NT fold measurement was an itty bitty 1.2
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