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June 10th, 2013, 04:20 AM
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My 2 year old loves to count and is getting pretty good at it. She can easily count 1-5, after that she kind of makes it up as she goes along but shes working on it . On top of that she is potty training and says her "please" and "thank you" AND it's so cute when she leaves a room she says "Bye" or "See ya Later". Last thing I'll mention for her is whenever we go out somewhere she always holds our hand and never tries to run off. Loves going places so she's on her best behavior when we're out.

My 8 month old is working on her crawling and up until last month refused to eat anything other than formula, now she devours anything you put infront of her! Plus she is such a happy baby with the most adorable smile and ears
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