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June 10th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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June 10 2013 24 weeks 1 day

This wont be a long update. Just wanted to record that for the last week or so baby's movements have slowed down a lot. Prior to that for a couple weeks there was a lot of movement and she seemed extra active. But that has slowed down. I do feel movement but only sporadically...may be she had a growth spurt while my uterus still hadn't had time to expand as quickly and she is temporarily running out of space? Also one interesting thing we observed is that with Lekha when Dh put his hand on my belly she would invariably give him a kick as if to say' take off that hand - this is my space' whereas with this little one, whenever she is moving and I ask DH to put his hand, she immediately goes quiet and goes into hiding! Definitely different peronalities already I have my next OB appt this Friday. Will post next update after that.
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