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June 10th, 2013, 08:55 AM
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So we can't sleep on our stomachs...can't sleep on our backs. Well last night I am not sure what the heck he was doing but every time Id roll onto my side I would feel like I was laying on him...his leg or foot maybe. And it was a big enough lump that if I would doze off I'd wake up and be trying to move whatever it was I was laying on from the bed. This happened even if I switched sides. I was up every hour last night because of this. Along with having to get out of bed a ton for the fifty thousand bathroom trips...which never seem to be as satisfying at this point. You know what I mean. Your bladder freaks out at you like I have got to go so bad I am so full!!!! Ya get in there and all ya had to go was a little bit. Argh. Then the heartburn last night. If the old wives tale is true I'm sure he grew a full head of Rapunzel style locks last night. I am so over this not sleeping thing!! I'd rather be not sleeping cause I'm feeding a baby!! Tristan you need to get your butt out now Mr! Mama is serving your eviction notice now!

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