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June 10th, 2013, 09:30 AM
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Picture this:

FIL is VERY Catholic. (Like our children are a sin because they are from IVF)
My grandfather is VERY Jewish.

(My mom is Christian, dad is Jewish, I was raised both. My parents are not religious, and neither am I or DH).

Do you understand the pressures we had from family? LOL

Do you know how upset they were that a) there was no bris and b) there was no baptism? LOL.

In my sons pre-school he told me maybe a week ago that one of the kids in his class saw his penis and said it was "bigger than his". Never made mention that it looked different (just that it was bigger) after the discussion of we don't measure our penis with other penis', I told him his penis might be different than other boys but that everyone, even girls vagina's all look different. He was fine and that was that

Originally Posted by swade66 View Post
But why should there even be an argument? Yes I do. Or. No we don't. The end. I don't need a third party to break it down for me. Or to tell me it is harming my poor defenseless baby. Those comments are meant to tug at heart strings. Share the facts and move on.
It's like with BFing. I am a huge BF person and I will suggest anyone should try but I am not going to tell you your kid will be dumber if you don't.
It's with anything though.



Rear facing beyond 2 years






Ear piercing

Everyone will think their way, is the right way because of XYZ. I always tell people, DO YOUR RESEARCH WITH EVERYTHING. Find out WHY circing is good and not good. Find out why rear facing beyond 2 is good and not good, find out why vaccines are good/not good, etc.
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