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June 10th, 2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by swade66 View Post
But why should there even be an argument? Yes I do. Or. No we don't. The end. I don't need a third party to break it down for me. Or to tell me it is harming my poor defenseless baby. Those comments are meant to tug at heart strings. Share the facts and move on.
It's like with BFing. I am a huge BF person and I will suggest anyone should try but I am not going to tell you your kid will be dumber if you don't.'re saying we should just not explain our reasons? So people can't be informed? I'll be honest...I did NOT do my research before my son, or just plain ignored it....and I fully believed all boys should be circ'd. If I had a kid earlier in life, he may have well be circumsized. But this forum opened my eyes. If not for others posting their differing opinions and links to more information, there's a good chance my son would be circ'd. Telling people to keep their reasons to themselves is harmful. It doesn't encourage making an INFORMED decision, which is what deciding to or not to circumsize should be. If you are aware of all "arguments" for or against, you can make the decision that is best for you or your family and have peace in that decision...not regret it later because you failed to research and learn about the other options.

And...actually....breastfeeding is shown to cause a jump in IQ in SOME people, but only those with a certain others without the gene it has no effect one way or another. interesting fact.

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