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June 10th, 2013, 09:54 AM
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I have always been an overproducer. Last time, I actually ended up tossing some frozen milk, since Kieran didnt need it (he wouldn't take it from a cup) and I couldn't donate it because of medication I take.

But I make an effort not to pump in the first three months. I don't want to tell my body to produce more milk than it already does. I live in a state of fullness, just bordering on engorgement, for the first three months. So I don't need any more added onto that! I leak constantly and it drives me mad! But around four months, I don't mind pumping here and there. I generally dislike it...since it makes me feel like a cow. Lol. But I'll stash away 100oz or so (not much more than that, unless we use it, so I hopefully don't have to throw any away this time!). I like to have it in case of an emergency (I need surgery, have to go away at last second, etc).

But yeah, I have no issues with producing milk. Unfortunately, I get mastitis a lot because of it, my breasts just don't ever empty and it can cause some issues. But I feel like I can deal with it, since underproducing is worse of a problem. My boobs are currently holding at Hs. I am actually pleased they are not bigger, given I am a G before pregnancy. Maybe I will get my wish and my boobs will shrink some after I am done nursing this time! I would love some average DDs!! Lol.
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