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June 10th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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Okay ladies.... So I'm going to vent. Since Kynslee escaped from the house that one day we finally put up a baby gate across the top of our stairs. DH put it up a little higher to where she for sure couldn't get under it but also make it lots harder to climb over it. To be sure it stayed extra sturdy he drilled 2 small holes in the side outside wall to keep the gate in place. Our neighbors across from us were totally fine with the gate and agreed it a great idea. Well I got a call Thursday from the manager saying she was sending maintenance out right away to take the gate down. And then stated that we ruined the wall and that she was writing us up and filing the report. We did NOT ruin the wall as DH was very careful and put in a molly bolt (I think that's what it was called) to where he didn't screw directly in the wall and that way it would never split or mess up the wall. I'm SO frustrated!! What was the gate hurting and why can't we protect our daughter?! Then a notice is sent out later that we have to have our walkways totally clear and that we can't even have plants (hanging or in pots) outside our front door. And, that we can have nothing on our back patios except for patio furniture (so, no bikes, no bbq's, no recyclables, no toys, ect...). Then what in the world are the back patios for if you can't store anything else on them or let your LO play out there with outside toys?!

Sunday we decided to go swimming here at our apartments. We got there and a mom was there with an older son (around 14-16) and 3 younger kids and another little boy that was a friend. The mom ends up taking the youngest and leaving. The older son stays with the little kids for about 15 and then leaves the other boy (about 6) in charge of his little sister that says she was 3. This girl only has arm floats and is all over the pool even in the deep end. She appears she knows how to swim some but many times she called out to me or Sam and asked us to help her. Why would any parent (or the older son who was left to watch the kids) leave such young kids in a big pool all alone? I would think that the mom would come back and eventually check on the younger kids but she never did. I could never imagine doing such a thing!! It made me mad and sad at the same time to see the kids in there all alone and what could have possibly happened.

Okay so I end my rants now - LOL!!
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