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June 10th, 2013, 03:39 PM
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Hey girls! OMG I have so much to respond to, if I miss someone, I'll get back to you!

Diegosgal, glad to see you again. I'm in the same boat...waiting to txfer 2 frosties...I just don't have a timeline yet. Good luck! Love that you have a plan.

L Marie- can I have your reimbursement plan LOL Best of luck to you!!

Soapy, good luck with the banking. How many did you get this time? I thought they had to do PGD before they froze them? That is something to ask...because I asked about that after my m/c and they said they don't like to test them after they thaw and then re-freeze if you are doing another fresh cycle, you'd have to make the choice now, right? If your ins pays for it, I'd say go for it. I just had a m/c and if it was because of some chromosomal abnormality, trust me, you do not want to put yourself through the heartache and physical and emotional pain of a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages if you can avoid it. If I were you, I would do the pgd. We are having our embryo biopsied for Chrom.abnormalities and if something comes back, we will have to do PGD. Your ins sounds amazing, so if they cover it, I know you'd have less embryos, but they will be awesome, perfect ones. I have a friend that they did this and they are now pg with twins.

Tinalou - sometimes IVF is a guessing game, especially the first cycle. My first cycle I had only 4 eggs, this time we got 11! So, yes, things can change from cycle to cycle. I agree with the other girls, I've never heard of bcps causing cysts, but help break them down/get rid of them. Best of luck to you!!!

Lucy! Praying you get preggers this cycle and don't need IVF...but if not, I'll be right there with you sweetie!

Mandy! Yay - omg you are so close.... go Mandy go!!!

AFM- I am waiting on the embryo chromosome ic hpt's are allllmost negative, so I think my beta is dropping much faster than last time. They said once I get the results of the testing and I have to have another SHG (UGH, another $550 grrr) then I can proceed with 2 weeks of bcp and then all the estrogen etc...and do our 2 frosties....praying this works. Otherwise, we have to come up with another 4k for meds, which we don't have. at all. *sigh* I HATE HATE HATE how expensive this is. It makes me so mad! done venting.....

I'm still mad/angry/sad about the M/C...I have good and bad days...I just hate this limbo...I want a goal to work towards...

Gretchen and Cassandra, thanks for being our cheerleaders
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