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June 10th, 2013, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by sunnydaze View Post
Thank you! I've been really scared with everyone's horror stories of itching and vomiting and feeling like they couldn't breath LOL you helped me a lot!
I was nervous too but when the epi was so bad I knew there couldn't be anything worse than that for me.

I did itch A LOT the next day. Mostly on my belly and arms but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. It got better after I showered and got moving. I also couldn't really feel myself breath during it but I made it a point not to think about it until I was ready. After they had the oxygen on me I took a moment to try and see if I could feel myself breathing and I couldn't but allowing myself to understand that relaxed me. I did not feel a single thing during it hardly any pulling and tugging at all. When they pulled the babies out I did feel a lot of pressure on my chest but it wasn't bad and at that point actually reminded me that I was breathing. Haha.

*Thank you everyone for your kind words. So far the babies are still losing weight Corbin is down a pound and an oz but the pedi thinks that the issue was due to me having a rough few days after delivery and my milk came in last night. He thinks if it had come in Friday night or Sat we wouldn't even be having this problem. We go back for lab work tomorrow and then a weight check on Wed. Cross your fingers that things turn around*

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