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June 10th, 2013, 06:43 PM
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When was your last period before finding out you were pregnant? April 4th, 2012

What day did you find out you were expecting? May 5, 2013

Ok, I am only answering for my last pregnancy because the one before that was 7 years ago

Did you have any symptoms or reasons that made you test? If so, what were they? Yes, missed period, tired, urge to vomit but not, sore nipples.

Did you think it was going to be a positive test? no, I really didn't

How did you feel when you found out? honestly, shocked!!

How did you tell your DH/SO? My DH was out of the country so 3 weeks and we chatted via skpe and didn't tell him until a few days later, I actually told him on a chat on fb

What was your due date? January 9, 2013

What did you crave through out your pregnancies? no cravings

Were you right on what you thought the gender was? well having a boy was more reasonable in our life because of our bedroom situation but I had a feeling it was a girl the whole time.

What other names did you have chosen for baby? Madison, Hailey, Savannah

How did you feel through out pregnancy? not too bad just achy

Any other special details you want to add about the time you found out? she was a surprise


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