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June 11th, 2013, 01:08 AM
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My DD went thru a 2 week period where from 2 am to 4 am she would just cry and cry. I was supplementing with formula at the time as I had a lot of supply issues due to she wouldnt latch. Anyway the formula was causing her excess gas which went away after we changed it. But during that time I learned an amazing burping trick that also helps their sore tummies feel better. Its a trick I've seen work for lots of babies since then as well. Place baby tummy down on your lap so that their little tumny is pressed against your leg and place a hand on their back and lightly bounce your knee while patting and rubbing their back. The pressure on their tummy combined with being face down and normal back burping works like a charm.
Also I'd switch to using a Playtex vent aire bottle which will help prevent a lot of the air getting into little ones tummy.

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