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June 11th, 2013, 10:01 AM
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My dh is very invested. He never missed anything at my older dd's school. We take turns going on field trips. We also discuss all major parenting decisions. While she's in school, he is actually the one who gets her off the school bus and does homework until I get home.

He is very invested in Meghan as well, but more just as far as playing with, feeding, etc. He usually does bath at night while I get her jammies out and her bottle ready. He goes to work very early so I get both girls up in the morning and get them ready. I never hesitate to leave them with him. In fact, I have to go to a work conference in a couple of weeks and will be gone Tuesday-Sunday. He is perfectly capable.

As far as housework, I tend to do the dishes, laundry, etc. We have a housekeeper who comes every other week for the major stuff. He takes care of everything outside. He does take out the trash and will load/unload dishes if I specifically ask. Also, he's the better cook =)

I have a great partner, seriously. The girls & I are very blessed

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