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June 11th, 2013, 10:22 AM
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When was your last period before finding out you were pregnant? April 23, 2012

What day did you find out you were expecting? June 4, 2012

Did you have any symptoms or reasons that made you test? If so, what were they? I just finally realized that I should probably have had my period by then

Did you think it was going to be a positive test? I kinda half thought it would, we weren't giong to be trying for a couple months, but I'm never really late so...

How did you feel when you found out? shocked and excited!

How did you tell your DH/SO? As soon as he walked in from the grocery store, I blurted out that Sean was going to be a big brother

What was your due date? Jan 28th

What did you crave through out your pregnancies? eggs. carbs. sleep.

Were you right on what you thought the gender was? no, but I didn't have a strong feeling either way, so

What other names did you have chosen for baby? we considered Irene as a middle name.

How did you feel through out pregnancy? miserable. I detest being pregnant

Any other special details you want to add about the time you found out?
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