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June 11th, 2013, 10:39 AM
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When was your last period before finding out you were pregnant? DS1 it was March 11th, 2010 and DS2 was April 7th, 2012

What day did you find out you were expecting? DS1 was around April 23rd and DS2 was around May 2nd or 3rd.

Did you have any symptoms or reasons that made you test? If so, what were they? DS1 I was late but my periods were so irregular that I kept waiting and waiting. I was nauseous on and off, not real sick just more so annoying and I remember going to the store and getting a ton of random things to eat because I couldn't figure out what I wanted and my boobs had gotten a tad bigger. I started putting all those things together and figured I'd better test to make sure. DS2 I didn't have any symptoms except my boobs were a bit tender. We were trying so I tested at 8dpo.

Did you think it was going to be a positive test? DS1 I thought it might've been but kept telling myself no. DS2 I thought it would be.

How did you feel when you found out? DS1 I was scared to death, nervous and upset. DS2 I was happy, excited and nervous!

How did you tell your DH/SO? With DS1 I had told DH(then BF) that I thought I might test just to be sure. When it came up positive I called him crying and told him the test I was going to take said I was pregnant. DS2 I showed him the pee stick when he came in from work

What was your due date? DS1 was Dec 16th, 2010 and DS2 was Jan 12th 2013

What did you crave through out your pregnancies? DS1 it was chocolate milk and biscuits and gravy. In the beginning I craved whoppers. DS2 in the beginning I wanted sour straws and through out the rest of the pregnancy I would crave one thing for a day then crave another so not one specific thing.

Were you right on what you thought the gender was? DS1 I was but I thought for sure DS2 was going to be a girl.

What other names did you have chosen for baby? DS1 there was no other name. We knew it would be Sawyer if he was a boy. DS2 we didn't have any idea what we was naming him until the day we came home from the hospital. Some that had been at the top of the list was Lucas, Seamus and another I can't remember. Marshall wasn't even on our list we chose it last minute lol

How did you feel through out pregnancy? DS1 I was sick a bit from wks 7-10 then after that I felt great. DS2 I was extremely tired the whole pregnancy, achy and just miserable from about half way through and sick from wks 6-15 and then on and off throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I had very few days that I felt great.

Any other special details you want to add about the time you found out? Ds1 was a unplanned teen pregnancy (I was 17) and DS2 was a rainbow baby

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