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June 11th, 2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Kbrawner01 View Post
I hated it after I had Bella and my sister would come over with her newborn because after I would get my newborn to sleep she asks do you want to hold kaden. I'm like uh no thank you just got mine to sleep I'm fine thanks lol. I need a rest. That was super annoying. My sister is rly bad at that stuff she's not much of a baby person either.
My BIL and his wife live next door to us and they are a lot like this! They both smoke and will walk over and knock on my back door so I can hold their daughter while they take a smoke break outside. It drives me crazy because they know my son takes a nap at the same time everyday, and they always pick that time to come. They have even woke me up from a nap a few times! The last thing I want to do after I lay my son down is find another kid to watch... can I get a few minutes to relax??
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