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June 11th, 2013, 12:31 PM
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First of all I could probably only admit this to you ladies. But I feel sooooo conflicted right now. BTDT moms aren't supposed to be afraid of giving birth. We have been there done that. But the closer to my due date I feel not only anxious wanting to have my baby boy here already so I can have him in my arms and I can kiss him to pieces however I keep feeling absolutely terrified of impending labor and delivery. Yeah I know kind of what to expect, except the actually going into labor on my own part. I want it to happen that way so badly because...I hated pitocin! There I said it. Yeah I know I am one of the few that managed pitocin with no drugs nor epi. But remembering how much it sucked has me utterly terrified of a repeat...and has me freaking out about labor in general. Sigh. I feel so stupid for being so fearful this time around. I pray pray pray I will go into labor on my own soon. Please no pitocin and no induction God or powers that be. Is that too much to ask? Well that's my rant/confession of the day. I want my baby but I am a chicken s**t.

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