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June 11th, 2013, 01:14 PM
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I was given the highest level of pitocin because my water broke and there were no contractions happening at all and once your water breaks after 24 hours there are alotbof risks to baby. And while your water is broke even before 24 hours are up there are infection risks to baby etc. My body basically didn't know what to do hence the pitocin. Pitocin makes your body contract like your body does during the big whammy ones. There is no buildup. You start off with strong contractions and get no break between them. I was pretty much contracting non stop with no break in between after the first few hours. The first few hours I got a 30 second break. I also have a bleeding problem and allergy to most Caine drugs which makes epis etc out of the question. Basically a c section for me is me being put under. So anyway what makes being induced and pitocin so bad for me is dealing with those nasty contractions with non pain relief option at all. I am a natural mama by choice when it comes to no drugs but I honestly don't really have an option anyway. And with DD I had 24 hours of those contractions. So I hope that explains why I don't want either Tania.

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