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June 11th, 2013, 01:15 PM
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i am so scared too! this is my 2nd. and same as you- was induced with my first after my water broke and no contractions so i'm so nervous i'll have contractions this time and basically not get to the hospital in dh works a lot of night shifts, so it'd take him about an hour to get home after he makes the calls for someone to come in to cover for him then it's another 40 minute drive to the hospital, and we'll prob have to drop my son off at my moms so add another 10 minutes to that. i'm so worried that if i wait til contractions are 3-5 minutes apart to call my doc that i wont make it in time i know 2nd labors tend to go faster and i only labored for 12 with ds (including from the time my water broke) and having had false labor all weekend i'm just a nervous wreck. but i have to keep reminding myself that this is natural for our bodies to do this and everything should be okay. i hope.
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