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June 11th, 2013, 02:08 PM
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I did forget to mention that Clomid is used in the Mini IVF's, thanks for clearing that up Leah. LOL Mt body is so used to that stupid stuff..... It never worked for me.

Yeah Mandy! Maybe we will get our little firecracker surprise in July! And will end up being a Pot Of Gold babies! Woot woot! How many frosties are you transferring? We only have two left so we'll transfer both. If one sticks awesome! If they both do we'll be done, if both take and ones splits ! And if they both take and split well then by gollie we'll be dancing on the moon! LOL Your protocol is so different from mine! I'm just waiting for AF to show from this cycle and then when CD3 happens I start Femara, and then go in for ultrasounds, monitored for a few day's finish Femara after CD7 and schedule the transfer the beginning of July. I will take a trigger (I think, I have it so) and then I'll start progesterone gel (yucky!) for as long as I need it. Interested how different Dr.s will approach this! When did you do your first round to get your frosties? Or are you using donor?

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