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June 11th, 2013, 03:42 PM
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. Sunday though was real busy and I felt good- lots of moving, rearranging and then grocery shopping. Yesterday was semi-relaxing, didn't clean the house much or go anywhere. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary or have any contractions until about 6/7 O'clock I started to feel a little nauseaus. I was concerned that my stomach upset was coming back from last weekend. I sad down around 8:00 to watch TV and started having sharp pains. around 9:00 I had a normal bowel movement and thought that might be what the trouble was. 9:00, I was still in pain and took a warm bath. I thought maybe I was having round ligament pain that I've heard about, but the pain wasn't coming just when I was moving. While in the bath, I tried hard to relax my muscles and I laid on my right side and could barely move when I tried to get up. I managed to get in bed and by this time I alerted dh and he was trying to go to bed, put the kids in bed and take care of me. We checked my blood sugar and it was high,114. So, he got me some cottage cheese, I ate that and sat up in bed with a heating pad on my lower back. I was drinking as much water as I could and trying to stay stil and relax. I started to feel a little better and told him to go to bed because he has to get up at 3:30am. The contractions were coming really frequently with pain in my lower back, radiating to the front with shooting pains along the sides in the front and below my belly button. I even had some pain in my thighs. I did not want to make dh take me in though and have it be nothing and him work all day with no sleep. So, I toughed it out and finally had some relief around 4am.

I just got a hold of the dr's office and asked if it happens again tonight should I come in or wait until my appt. in the morning. They said come in. I feel fine today, I was a little sore this morning, but no contractions out of the ordinary. I am a little concerned baby isn't moving as much, but she didn't move much during the day yesterday either until last night right before I started having contractions.
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