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June 11th, 2013, 04:31 PM
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I cut out dairy (except for some cheese) at the start of my pregnancy. I have always been wary of milk from the get-go with all the hormones and stuff that goes into it especially in the US.

We are the ONLY species to drink another species milk which I also think is weird. I love the taste of cold milk though so it was tough! But I feel strongly that you can get vitamins and calcium in a lot of veggies rather than dairy. After cutting it my face cleared up and I don't get bloated. It also causes inflamation and doesn't aid in helping your immune system.

Debunking The Milk Myth: Why Milk Is Bad For You And Your Bones | Save Our Bones

Not to get all anti-milk but I do feel strongly about it!Let us know how you feel if you cut it from your diet!

Also- milk alternatives: Rice Dream and Almond Milk- both tasty! They also have Coconut Milk Ice cream that is yummy!
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