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June 11th, 2013, 06:20 PM
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Karry - I was really worried for my second. My first labor was the standard 15 hours and really hurt. I tore and had an episiotomy. I was sitting on ice packs for quite a while. Luckily my second labor was a breeze (really way) and the recovery was nothing. I hope the same for you.

As for pit - I just wanted to comment on getting it after already giving birth. I had pit after giving birth. The nurse said it was to help the uterus go back to normal size. No one really discussed it. They just hung it for after birth. Luckily I had an epidural so I really didn't even feel the pit.

As for induction (in response to some of the questions as to why some of us are given a date), it was a consideration for me at 39 weeks due to advanced maternal age. There was a large study that said the risk of really bad things happening for women of AMA started after 39 weeks. I could cut that risk in like 1/2 by induction at 39 weeks. Of course, I never made it to that point. At 38 wk 1 day I was contracting and hit 8 cm. At that point, they broke my water as they felt it was too dangerous to send a woman home at 8 cm dilated even if my contractions were not that strong.

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